AviAsia Aviation Solutions Inc. was founded by Mr. Bjarki Arnarson, a native Icelander and a pilot with a passion for aviation. The company was founded in 2010 when Mr. Arnarson moved to China and saw a need for aviation expertise in the general aviation development taking place in China.

Mr. Arnarson has over 20 years of aviation experience ranging from various segments of the aviation industry ranging from; general aviation company setup, operations, management and business turnaround; aviation consulting; aviation investment; government relations; aircraft and parts sourcing; marketing and sales strategy and planning for aviation companies; and aviation training.

AviAsia has a vast network of aviation experts, companies and organizations worldwide that assist with various projects, and AviAsia is the link to all stakeholders involved in the projects. Some members of the network work directly through AviAsia whereas others are brought in on a project basis.

Over the past decade, our team has built close relationships in China, and has helped many companies to achieve their goals and improve their operations.

In 2020, AviAsia became a part of Mentis Aviation Group (MAG). MAG is focused on aviation investments, whereas AviAsia is the operations arm of MAG. The group is focused on overall aviation development in China and has several projects in the works.

AviAsia Aviation Solutions Inc. joins Mentis Aviation Group (MAG) to create a much stronger presence in China. Together the two companies will join forces in their pursuit to develop the aviation industry in China.

Integration with Mentis Aviation Group (MAG)

Mentis Aviation Group (MAG) is an established aviation company in Delaware, U.S.A., with focus on aviation investment, aircraft tear down, aircraft and engine lease operations, and aviation project management and consulting. Our business model is based on the accomplishments of our expert team worldwide. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our operations; we have now established our operation in Shanghai, China. There is a great need for aviation experts in China, and we provide a team of experts in each field, that focus on specific operational areas to aid China with their massive growth in the aviation field.

Company Strategy

Purpose To be a leader in the aviation industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Vision To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission Statement To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core Values We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning

Goals Regional expansion in the field of aircraft tear down and aviation project management and develop a strong base of key customers • Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services • To build good reputation in the field of aircraft tear down and project management and become a key player in the industry.

Scope of Work

MAG conducts aviation investment, aircraft tear down, aircraft and engine lease operations, and aviation project management and consulting. The company undertakes all aspects of each project and cooperates with the appropriate government and local businesses and authorities to ensure a successful outcome of each project.


MAG and AviAsia have joined forces to provide services to clients worldwide. With the combined expertise, MAG and AviAsia offer solutions to aviation startups and well-established aviation companies worldwide.

Develop A Path to Greatness

Since the founding of AviAsia 10 years ago, we strive to ensure the success of all of our clients as well as the aviation industry. We are fueled by a passion to see this industry grow and look to accomplish this growth through our clients. At AviAsia we pride ourselves on our simple 3 step process that guarantees success to our clients.


AviAsia is most interested in advancing the aviation industry around the world. We are often seeking opportunities that will make significant impact to the community it serves. Additionally, our clients may have specific needs that they want us to address. In either case, the first step is to understand what the opportunity is and all of the elements it contains. This involves our experts working together to understand the different aspects of each project.


Once our team understands the opportunity and all of the elements within it, they must compile a formula for success. That means developing a strategic plan that will ensure that all parties involved will be successful with this development in aviation. This will include the client, citizens, and our team. This formula for success will include projects and goals to ensure that there is a clear and visible solution. It will also explain costs, timelines, and rewards.


Once the formula is approved, it is time for action. This is another aspect of where our team is special. We stop at nothing to achieve our goals. We utilize our partners and other experts throughout varies industries to ensure the successful implementation of the formula.